Kayaking in Deep Cove


So I finally sucked it up and actually took a day off to crush some of my bucket list items. As much as it pained me to give up the time, it was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle this summer has become. So I had a lovely visitor from Calgary make his way westward, leaving me to do all the planning for a few days.  Two birds, one stone, bam let’s get some bucket list done.

So if you haven’t made your way to Deep Cove to do some kayaking, you need to. It is quiet and serene. The perfect getaway without having to go too far!



Things I learned from Tinder. A series of Nopes.

Hey, I’ll admit it, I’ve Tindered with the best of ’em. Hell, I even took it a step further and purchased Tinder Plus.. Talk about shameless. For a few weeks now I have wanted to compile a “nope” list.  A series of things I see on Tinder that are guaranteed to get you swiped left.

If you….

  • have hair that is longer than mine – that’s a nope!
  • are a travelling hipp..err Australian or any Southern hemisphere dweller – that’s a nope!
  • have neck tattoos, face tattoos, or any kind of tribal tattoo – that’s a nope!
  • only have group photos. It’s never the hot one.  – that’s a nope!
  • have photos of you and your ex. Really? You though that would snag me? – that’s a nope!
  • and you’re current girlfriend or wife are seeking a third. – that’s a nope!
  • only have ab photos. Do you even have a face?  – that’s a nope!
  • have no bio… come on, you could be into some weird shit! – that’s a nope!
  • have photos of them being gagged… I don’t need to explain that one.
  • have a great first photo and look like a wart hog in the others

Things that will get you unmatched instantly.

  • “your beautiful”
  • “wanna do it?”
  • Any variety of pick-up lines

Anyways, I vented. I feel better. I am going to, without a doubt, die alone

Yes, Adesso!

So last Thursday I got the pleasure of enjoying the Adesso Bistro. It was hilarious, as we pulled up my co-pilot says to me, “Uh, where the hell are you taking me?” As you weave your way towards the restaurant the street is lined in modest homes thick with bright shrubbery and shaded by towering greenery.  It looks as if this restaurant is out of someone’s basement. As we park we look at this quaint bistro we’re oddly concerned. Erin scoffs, “Good grief, what have I gotten myself into?”


As you enter, one would expect the inside of the bistro to be dank and dark.  However, quite the opposite is true. It is bright, eclectic, and really unique.  We were escorted to the patio. It was a beautiful day, warm with a gentle breeze. The patio was even more fun.  It was, much like the rest of the restaurant, humble. As you take in your surroundings, it’s hard not to feel like you’re on a delicate café in the south of France.  Our server was mind-blowing.  He was charming, witty, and speedy. He had a dry and sassy sense of humor. He even went as far as to offer my pregnant princess a second pillow. That alone and she was sold on the place.  They have this fabulous $9 martini deal.  Not only was it cheap, but it was a phenomenal.  I had the “Principessa di Mezzanotte” It consisted of blackberry vodka, blackberry liqueur, blackberry juice, lime. If you know me at all, blackberries are my kryptonite. Well, my kryptonite besides a tall blonde, but I digress……


As an appy, we decided on the “pizza ai funghi truffle fonduta” Which sounded to me like fungi pizza. Turned out it was a pizza with roasted mushroom, fontina cheese, and truffle oil. Yep, it was as good as it sounds.

We polished that baby off in light speed. My delightful dinner date indulged in the gnocci. She allowed me to try this, the only way to describe this was perfect. This dish begins with a house made gnocchi.  The sauce is a rich tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is not bland, nor overpowering. The dish had delicate hints of spices and herbs. Erin actually scraped her plate clean. I opted for the roasted duck.  It was elegantly paired with asparagus and baby roasted potatoes. The overall atmosphere is delicate, isolated, and quiet. Whether is be a quiet date night or catching up with an old friends, this place is wonderful. I highly recommend trying this place.IMG_0088


Patio Hours – Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Dinner – 5 to 10 p.m.

Phone: 604-568-9975

Timothy’s Fro Yo

Armed with Taralynn at my side we set out to Richmond to conquer the world of lighting fixtures for my soon-to-be condo. (See “The Reno” for more information on that) By the end of our light fixture fiasco we had spent a considerable amount of money on fixtures, $1800 to be exact. I may have made some impulse purchases.  There may or may not be a light fixture that looks like an atom, just saying.  After all these decisions I demanded that we stop at the one and only, Timothy’s frozen yogurt in Steveston.  Yes, demanded. Taralynn had never been and scoffed at my love of the place. However, how quickly her opinion changed when she dove into the blackberry goodness wrapped in a homemade waffle cone that was still warm.  Seriously, to this day this place is the best frozen yogurt I have ever had. I personally highly recommend the cherry.

timTimothy’s Frozen Yogurt Ltd

3800 Bayview St

Richmond, BC V7E 5W3