Kayaking in Deep Cove


So I finally sucked it up and actually took a day off to crush some of my bucket list items. As much as it pained me to give up the time, it was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle this summer has become. So I had a lovely visitor from Calgary make his way westward, leaving me to do all the planning for a few days.  Two birds, one stone, bam let’s get some bucket list done.

So if you haven’t made your way to Deep Cove to do some kayaking, you need to. It is quiet and serene. The perfect getaway without having to go too far!



Soft Peaks…

spAlright, so if you have not BEEN to Soft Peaks, you have not truly lived. Seriously, the Soft Peaks website describes themselves as, “The special “handcrafted” Soft Peaks recipe is made with Avalon organic milk, a touch of sweetness, and is then churned to smooth perfection. The result is a refreshing and creamy dessert that is all-natural, and lower in calories and fat than ice cream. In addition to organic milk, organic cream, organic milk powder, and organic stabilizers/ emulsifiers (all of them are Kosher certified), we use dextrose to replace generically modified sugar (GMO) like high fructose corn syrup when we make our ice cream.”

Now I don’t speak eloquently when food is involved. Basically, its just real ingredients that by osmosis makes it REALLY good. I dragged my blonde counterpart here and I thought I nearly killed him. He gushed about how good it was for several hours. I giggled.  sp2