Kayaking in Deep Cove


So I finally sucked it up and actually took a day off to crush some of my bucket list items. As much as it pained me to give up the time, it was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle this summer has become. So I had a lovely visitor from Calgary make his way westward, leaving me to do all the planning for a few days.  Two birds, one stone, bam let’s get some bucket list done.

So if you haven’t made your way to Deep Cove to do some kayaking, you need to. It is quiet and serene. The perfect getaway without having to go too far!



Pregnant Lady’s Disneyland


So this past weekend I went to Paradise, otherwise known as Sparkling Hills Resort.  This delightful piece of perfect is located in the humble hills of Vernon, BC. First of all unbeknownst to me this resort is owned by Mr. Gernot Langes-Swarovski. Yeah, if that mouthful of a last name looks familiar to you – it should.  The resort is blanketed in the Swarovski crystals, 3.5 million to be exact. But I digress before I sound like a brochure.  Beyond the bedazzling this place has a breathtaking view of Predator Ridge and Okanagan Lake below.

This all came about when I was sitting pouting over mid-terms and made the impulse move to book this baby.  My best friend had recently decided to grow a human inside of her. So this trip was a celebration of sorts. A “Holy-cow-you’re-growing-a-person-inside-of-you/happy-birthday/aye-carumba-I’m-1/2-way-to-being-a-nurse” celebration, if you will.  I found it a struggle to find places that were pregnant lady friendly. They literally can’t do anything cool! They can’t drink, sit in hot tubs, fly, or even eat sushi. So finally I came upon this place, which although does pride itself on it’s steam and sauna rooms, it was just so damn pretty I couldn’t go wrong.


PS- is she NOT the cutest pregnant lady you have ever seen?

crys 2

Yeah, that is a wall of crystals. Why? .. Why not?!

We both enjoyed an evening of relaxation and at least one of us enjoyed a delightful glass of wine with a gorgeous view.  I could not recommend this place more. I did, however, decide against the spa at Spakling Hills for our massages and facials. I chose to take us to the Spa at the Delta in Kellowna.  Although there was a minor hiccup in our booking the ladies at the Delta were AH-mazing.  They treated us so well and gave us great treatment.  I just personally felt that the spa at Sparkling Hills was a little too “wellness” for me when I just wanted someone to rub me.


All in all, it was a spectacular place and I could not encourage any diva to try this place out. If nothing else, go for the view from the pool.