La Brasserie

 Have you ever felt really really underdressed for an event or a party? Or just entirely out of place? Working in the heart clinic all summer I found myself walking by a delicate little restaurant on Davie st known as La Brasserie; even the name tasted fancy as it left my lips. (We just won’t mention the fact that I failed French in high school…) So finally as the summer neared it’s end I finally tried it out. To my dismay, my first attempt at LB failed due to their awful hours. I tried to sneak in for my lunch, but due to the fact that they don’t open until 5, that didn’t work out so well.  So, yet again, I gave LB a go… I waited outside the restaurant for it to open, which in fact was 5… on the dot. I took a seat inside, I have to give it to them.. the lay out gives the restaurant the Parisian quaint feel they for. While the food was good, I found the service nearing on pretentious ground.  My server was neither warm or welcoming. She was abrupt and to the point, I wouldn’t say she was rude.. just bland. Definitely not the type of service I would tell my friends about. The food was delicious, that I do have to hand to them…. It was that typical high end restaurant .. I left hungry.  My bill was a lofty 75$ with a glass of wine and dessert. I was fairly disappointed and likely won’t return.


My new obsession

greeen nomSweet merciful heavens, I have fallen head over heels for a new restaurant. Of course, many of you have been here countless times, but for us Abbotsford-ites it’s a new thing for us! Banana Leaf has changed my Thursday’s and Friday’s.  As I mentioned before I have been volunteering at the Heart Rhythm Research Clinic and packing food Wednesday night after midnight work, or even on Thursday morning has proven to be near impossible. I found out that this wonderful heaven-send is literally down the elevator from me. It offers sensible options that don’t ruin my wallet or my waist-line.  It also has seriously helped my hatred for spicy. The servers at the Davie street location are adorable and absolutely wonderful.  The picture attached is one of the coolest desserts I have EVER seen. It is a coconut crepe, with roasted coconut inside, and drizzled coconut milk and syrup on top. COCONUT YUMMY!

The Dime with a dime


So this week marks the beginning of an era; Thurs-dates with Julie.  As I mentioned in a prior post, I am volunteering at St. Paul’s Hospital on Thursday and Fridays. To save me a trek back to the ‘burbs, my great friend Julie offered up her place to sleep on Thursday nights. This lead to the birth of a beautiful thing – Thurs-dates. Usually nights with the infamous Julie start as innocent nights of dancing and drinks and end in morning of endless confusion, unexplained text messages, and events I cannot recall. So, having read Julie the riot act that Thus-dates need to be kept under control she told me about this place I just HAD to try.  I agreed.  Thurs-date rolled around, I left VGH post 12-hour volunteer shift hungry, tired, and undeniably cranky. Julie and I were able to walk to this little pub, as it was not far from her house. As you walk in, I will be honest, it’s nothing spectacular; Just a run of the mill dingy and dark watering hole. Once seated the waitress brought us our menus. What did take me by surprise was the cost of the food.  Everything on the menu was $4.95 all day, everyday.  Okay, now this I could buy into.

Okay, so I won’t lie to you… It took me a long time to decide what I wanted. The selection and price are simply fabulous. the service was average; not bad, but not exceptional either.  I ended up opting for the Beef Dip, great choice.  For the price it was decent.  The sandwich was delightful, the dip itself was rather flavorless.  Following our entrees, I impulsively ordered the “Coffee and Donuts.” Alright, no regrets here. The sauce was like nothing I have ever had before. Espresso caramel sauce they called it. Nom nom nom was what I called it. The drinks were average, I chose the East Van Cesar and although I wasn’t blown away, it was okay.  The lack of garnish was disappointing. No beans, no pepperoni, not even an asparagus stick means an upset Cel.  Overall, I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a casual quick bite, but nothing more. The atmosphere is fun with 80’s and 90’s tracks playing throughout. I just can’t see it being a place I frequent often, or go out of my way to go to.


Oh hubba hubba, this one is a doozy. Following a spectacular day taking in every ounce of Kitsilano sun my two comrades and I decided our tummies had complained with their loud rumbles long enough.  We wanted somewhere satisfying, but it had two requirements.

  1. MUST serve sangria.
  2. Must have large portions that are cheap.

Julie, the local in the group, smirked as she uttered, “Oh man, Havana’s” Kristalee and I stared at each other, “What the hell is that, Jules?” After some of the situations Julie has gotten me into…. Let’s say I had reason for concern. So off we went to find this mystical place she spoke of. As we toddled closer and closer to East Van, I had a feeling Jules knew of this secret gem.  Funny enough, upon arrival it was not so secret.

IMG_0119Ah, and wait we sure did.  After about 25 minutes we were lead to our table.  The inside was eclectic and unique.  It was rustic and scattered, but it was as if everything was perfectly incorrectly placed. There were love letters and tales of forever friendship scratched into the wooden beams all around.  We selected a flavor for our mandatory pitcher of sangria. Champagne they called it.  This delightful drink went down all too easy.. “bubbly, Cassis, mint, strawberries, fresh oj” as the menu describes it. “Glug, glug, gone” was how I described it. Following this pitcher, we obviously had to try a second flavor.  Not to be outdone by its predecessor, the second was equally as dangerously delicious. “White wine, lemon and berry liquors, lemonade and strawberries” … Too good. I had the jerk chicken tacos.  The food, the company, the drinks, the atmosphere, and even the service were all top notch. If you haven’t been, go. Go quickly.


1212 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

Yes, Adesso!

So last Thursday I got the pleasure of enjoying the Adesso Bistro. It was hilarious, as we pulled up my co-pilot says to me, “Uh, where the hell are you taking me?” As you weave your way towards the restaurant the street is lined in modest homes thick with bright shrubbery and shaded by towering greenery.  It looks as if this restaurant is out of someone’s basement. As we park we look at this quaint bistro we’re oddly concerned. Erin scoffs, “Good grief, what have I gotten myself into?”


As you enter, one would expect the inside of the bistro to be dank and dark.  However, quite the opposite is true. It is bright, eclectic, and really unique.  We were escorted to the patio. It was a beautiful day, warm with a gentle breeze. The patio was even more fun.  It was, much like the rest of the restaurant, humble. As you take in your surroundings, it’s hard not to feel like you’re on a delicate café in the south of France.  Our server was mind-blowing.  He was charming, witty, and speedy. He had a dry and sassy sense of humor. He even went as far as to offer my pregnant princess a second pillow. That alone and she was sold on the place.  They have this fabulous $9 martini deal.  Not only was it cheap, but it was a phenomenal.  I had the “Principessa di Mezzanotte” It consisted of blackberry vodka, blackberry liqueur, blackberry juice, lime. If you know me at all, blackberries are my kryptonite. Well, my kryptonite besides a tall blonde, but I digress……


As an appy, we decided on the “pizza ai funghi truffle fonduta” Which sounded to me like fungi pizza. Turned out it was a pizza with roasted mushroom, fontina cheese, and truffle oil. Yep, it was as good as it sounds.

We polished that baby off in light speed. My delightful dinner date indulged in the gnocci. She allowed me to try this, the only way to describe this was perfect. This dish begins with a house made gnocchi.  The sauce is a rich tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is not bland, nor overpowering. The dish had delicate hints of spices and herbs. Erin actually scraped her plate clean. I opted for the roasted duck.  It was elegantly paired with asparagus and baby roasted potatoes. The overall atmosphere is delicate, isolated, and quiet. Whether is be a quiet date night or catching up with an old friends, this place is wonderful. I highly recommend trying this place.IMG_0088


Patio Hours – Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Dinner – 5 to 10 p.m.

Phone: 604-568-9975

Timothy’s Fro Yo

Armed with Taralynn at my side we set out to Richmond to conquer the world of lighting fixtures for my soon-to-be condo. (See “The Reno” for more information on that) By the end of our light fixture fiasco we had spent a considerable amount of money on fixtures, $1800 to be exact. I may have made some impulse purchases.  There may or may not be a light fixture that looks like an atom, just saying.  After all these decisions I demanded that we stop at the one and only, Timothy’s frozen yogurt in Steveston.  Yes, demanded. Taralynn had never been and scoffed at my love of the place. However, how quickly her opinion changed when she dove into the blackberry goodness wrapped in a homemade waffle cone that was still warm.  Seriously, to this day this place is the best frozen yogurt I have ever had. I personally highly recommend the cherry.

timTimothy’s Frozen Yogurt Ltd

3800 Bayview St

Richmond, BC V7E 5W3

Reflections Lounge


My work week rounded this week and I vowed to have a fabulous few days off.  So given that Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day, I asked my friend, Erin if she would be willing to hit up a lunch patio. That was of course a yes. So I made reservations at Reflections Lounge.  I had heard through word-of-mouth that this place had an awesome patio and was a must-try. It was a small struggle to find the place.  Upon first visit you must go to the 4th floor, but the friendly hotel staff guided us in the right direction.main

As you can see, the setting is beautiful. The patio itself is a mini oasis, as you can’t see any of the usual Vancouver landmarks.  You’re tucked away from the traffic, mountains, and the ocean.  With two lovely fireplaces it was a great location for the perma-cold prego. That being said, partaking in a patio excursion with a counterpart who is expecting has it’s positives, such as a permanent designated driver. The downside was that she had to refrain from eating any raw fish; which unfortunately was half of the menu.  This left us very little choice. We finally settled on starting with drinks, virgin one for herself, at Reflections and then heading to another location.  I found the food to be too small for someone who was hungry. We did, however, snack on the AAA steak and patatas bravas, I will admit, it was amazing. We both just still seemed quite hungry after. I also had the white sangria and the Pimms cup. Both were delicious. The sangria was made with Brandy and a higher end wine. I highly recommend this place if you’re just looking for some excellent drinks and light snacks.

4th Floor, Rosewood Hotel Georgia

801 Georgia Street, Vancouver


Twitter: @RWHotelGeorgia #Relfectionslounge

Phone: 604-682-5566