La Brasserie

 Have you ever felt really really underdressed for an event or a party? Or just entirely out of place? Working in the heart clinic all summer I found myself walking by a delicate little restaurant on Davie st known as La Brasserie; even the name tasted fancy as it left my lips. (We just won’t mention the fact that I failed French in high school…) So finally as the summer neared it’s end I finally tried it out. To my dismay, my first attempt at LB failed due to their awful hours. I tried to sneak in for my lunch, but due to the fact that they don’t open until 5, that didn’t work out so well.  So, yet again, I gave LB a go… I waited outside the restaurant for it to open, which in fact was 5… on the dot. I took a seat inside, I have to give it to them.. the lay out gives the restaurant the Parisian quaint feel they for. While the food was good, I found the service nearing on pretentious ground.  My server was neither warm or welcoming. She was abrupt and to the point, I wouldn’t say she was rude.. just bland. Definitely not the type of service I would tell my friends about. The food was delicious, that I do have to hand to them…. It was that typical high end restaurant .. I left hungry.  My bill was a lofty 75$ with a glass of wine and dessert. I was fairly disappointed and likely won’t return.