Best thing since the Iphone

So lately I have been working at decorating my house.  This has been beyond rewarding and super exciting.  Sadly, as I try and collect photos of my life and friends I came to see that this wasn’t a possibility; I don’t take photos…ever.  So I began scouring the net for something to possibly take better photos with. A friend of mine allowed me to use her high powered point and shoot camera, however, upon taking this baby out for a spin not only was it bulky and cumbersome, but people made fun of me! Alright, so that idea was out. Next up I was looking for something I could use with something I always have on me – my phone. My first product I purchased and ordered was the Optrix case and lens set.  o

After this arrived I was BEYOND excited.. however, I found shortly after that it was also bulky and the case was hard to use as an everyday option… I found myself sliding the bloody thing on and off constantly. I also found the overall lens quality to be subpar. The fisheye not very fisheye-y if you catch my drift. I have posted two photos I took with the Optrix lens.. as you can see, minus the absolute hateful expressions on my lovely’s faces, that the quality isn’t all that great either. For the price of a whopping 200 US dollars I promptly sent this back.  This option would be really fantastic for someone more outdoorsy than myself. If I did excessive amounts of hiking or kayaking I would want something like this.  However, for my everyday use it just wasn’t for me.

So I was back on the prowl for an everyday lens option that would suit my lifestyle. In my search I came across the AMAZING Equal Shop. I was so excited for this baby to arrive I barely could stand it. When it arrived (Note: it arrived super quickly! Unless you’re me and have zero patience, then it was FOREVER) I was so excited I ripped open the package like a total child.pho

The gist of this gadget is your phone fits in a very small and sleek case for everyday use.  When you’re all ready to take a photo you simply slip the 4-in-1 lens onto the case and off you go. Easy and fast! The flip-out design makes it really compact. I keep the case on my phone and just keep the lens safely in my purse until I want to use it.  I had the opportunity in the first few weeks of having it to take some really awesome shots in a variety of different settings. The day after I received my lens I was supposed to go to the Sick Individuals concert, so I was really excited to see what this baby could do. I was able to test it out at Celebrities Nightclub when Sick Individuals came to town!

45Despite the poor conditions, the pictures turned out fabulously! Take a peek! If you’re interested in learning more or purchasing it give equal shop a visit! CLICK HERE



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